What is a Sway Bar? Aka anti-roll bar or anti-sway bar –  is part of Read More

Txting while driving

Credit goes to NZ Transport Agency for this week’s video. Multi-tasking is the practice of doing Read More

Brakes Bad?

This week’s videos are all about the humble brake caliper… thanks to Capricorn Vehicle videos. Signs Read More

Rusty Caliper

Credit for this video goes to Capricorn vehicle videos. Brake Drum and Shoes Brake Drum Read More

Spongy brakes can be a sign your Brake fluid needs changing.

Spongy brakes? Braking generates heat. Braking heavily or over a long period of time creates Read More

Ryan is our European vehicles servicing expert. He is pretty apt at using our on-hand specialist equipment for the Read More

Oil change

Credit for this video goes to Capricorn Vehicle Videos. (Click image to play) Why Engine Read More

Timing belt or Cambelt

Credit for this VERY INFORMATIVE video goes to Capricorn Vehicle videos. (This video expires 19/12/2017) Read More