Getting a wheel alignment in Dunedin is one of the best things you could do for your car. It not only ensures the safety of both you and others around you but it also ensure your car tyres last as long as possible. Replacing car tyres is not cheap so why neglect the thing that can increase their lifespan.

 The first step to solving any problem is to make sure that you know exactly what the problem is. Our team at Precision Mechanic make sure we know what your car’s problem is before we cost you time and money to fix it. The best way for us to know what the problem is to take your car for a test drive. We are then able to feel how your car drives and test the symptoms you have explained.

What happens during a wheel alignment in Dunedin?

Once we have identified that your car requires a wheel alignment in Dunedin then will we begin to work. In our world, safety comes first. We want to make sure that your car is not harmed and that none of our staff are harmed either. In saying this when we begin to work on your car we will make sure that it is securely strapped down. Once successful, we will lift the car to a comfortable level for working. One of the first things we do is inspect your tyres and see the amount of damaged your unaligned car has done to them. If your tyres need replacing then we will let you know.

Following this, we will make sure that we check the caster and toe angle of your car. When we find out what the angle is we will know exactly how to realign your car. As we are the experts we are easily able to fix your wheel alignments in Dunedin.

As soon as the wheel alignment is completed we make sure that all have been angled correctly. We will check your steering wheel to make sure that your wheels are turning at the right angles. This is then followed by another test drive.

Your team at Precision Mechanical will always make sure that your car’s problems are 100% fixed before we tell you that they are. We are quick and efficient so don’t wait any longer and give us a call on 03-477 1972 today.