An oil change is an essential when it comes to car and vehicle maintenance. If you want to help keep your car running without any engine problems, then it needs to be brought in for a service on a regular basis. An oil change should always be a part of that service.

So what happens if you don’t take your car in for an oil change? A lot will happen, and none of it good. Oil is essential for vehicles because it acts as a lubricant, and this lubricant stops your engine from literally melting. An engine is made up of moving parts, and those parts are made of metal, move very fast and rub against one another. When hard metal rubs against hard metal, a lot of friction is created. From this friction, massive amounts of heat is given off. This heat is so extreme, it can literally melt the metal, welding the moving parts together. If this happens, your engine will tear itself apart, resulting in you needing either a full engine rebuild, or more likely because of the costs involved, a new car altogether.

If it’s been a while since your last oil change, then don’t worry, the above scenario won’t happen just yet. Although it’s not a good idea to leave it! The longer that oil sits in your car, the dirtier it gets. Your filter will clear out the oil up to a certain point, but eventually, the dirt and pollutants will clog it up. When this happens, the dirt and grime will make the oil less efficient, slowly damaging your engine over time.

This, of course, will cause engine failure, and then you’ll be calling your roadside recovery to come and give you a tow to the nearest garage. And when you get there, and the mechanic asks you when your last oil change was, you’ll be standing there scratching your arse and looking confused.

Don’t be that guy.