If you are wondering what the difference is between the cambelt and timing belts -the team at Precision Mechanical are here to help!

Essentially Cambelts or timing belts are the same thing but come in different sizes and shapes according to the vehicle they were made for and the design that was needed to suit your car.

How long does a cambelt last?

A cambelt or timing belt is normally found at the end of the engine against the radiator or on the interior of the inner wing. As with most parts of your car, you will need to have your mechanic for check the cambelt from time to time for wear and tear. You should read your owner’s manual to learn the estimated time for replacing your timing belt – typically it is recommended that you have the cambelt replaced at 100,000kms.

Cambelts or timing belts are manufactured using nylon and butyl which are the same materials used in the manufacturing of your tyres. The belt has teeth on the interior that will fit into slot on your vehicle to hold the belt in place. If your timing belt is too loose, it can fall off and if it is too tight will add pressure, which can cause the belt to break.

If your vehicle is approaching the 100,000km mark or it’s been a while since the cambelt/timing belt was checked – bring it in for the team at Precision Mechanical to inspect. Our friendly and reliable staff will be only too happy to help and give you a quote.