Car repairs in Dunedin are one of those things people tend to know very little about unless they make it a mission to educate themselves. Unless you take a special interest in it, make it your hobby, then most people are put off by the idea of car repairs, and as a result, tend to make things harder on themselves. Check out these 3 simple things that you can change to make life easier for you and your vehicle.

Not staying on top of the small things

Car repairs in Dunedin don’t have to be difficult, especially when it comes to the small things. Changing an oil filter or managing the tyre pressure are all simple things that left unchecked can turn into bigger problems. And as we all know, the bigger the problem, the bigger the bill! A few dollars here and there for the little things can end up saving you thousands along the road- especially if you break down on the motorway! Car repairs every six months or so can’t hurt, but a massive break down in a couple of years can.

Ignoring a problem

Many people tend to ignore a warning sign as long as their car is still going. If your check engine light comes on, but it doesn’t seem to affect the car, then why spend the money having it looked at? This is a big mistake. If that light comes on, then it’s for a reason. Have it checked out now could save you a massive headache a few months from now. Car repairs become more time consuming and expensive the bigger the problem gets. Nip that warning light in the bud now before it’s too late!

Not talking to your mechanic

The more you can explain to your mechanic about your vehicle and its problems, then the easier it will be for them to fix it. Take note of the problems you’ve been having with it. Write down any burning smells, funny noises, vibrations or difficulty in handling. Just as important is when these things happen- when you’re breaking of get above a certain speed. All this info will help make a more efficient and thorough diagnosis.

Maybe you do know a wee bit about cars, or a friend does. You’ve noticed something wrong and assumed or been told it’s the cambelt, so you turn up to your mechanics and tell him to change the cambelt. Let him do his job and discover the problem himself. If it’s not the cambelt, then you’re going to be paying for something that didn’t fix the problem, and you’ll be returning soon when your car breaks down anyway. Let your mechanic do their job.