Did you know a regular vehicle service can help save money on fuel? We could all do with saving money as the cost of living goes up, so every little bit helps. You can get more for your dollar at the pump through a vehicle service, which will make sure your car is performing at its maximum efficiency.

Bring your car in for regular service and check out these basic components. With these parts and systems of your car working properly, you can save money on fuel consumption.

By bringing your car in for a vehicle service, you will allow us to check:

Your engine

Engine performance is key in fuel consumption, and by keeping yours properly tuned, you can improve distance per tank by an average of four percent.

The tyre pressure

Under-inflated tyres can drastically reduce mileage, and properly inflated tyres can make an improvement of over three percent.

Your oil

A worn out or blocked oil filter can have a huge effect on your vehicleís mileage, and even the type of oil you put in your engine can improve fuel economy by up to two percent.

Your air filters

Replacing clogged air filters on older vehicles can improve fuel economy and will improve performance and acceleration on all vehicles.

Your petrol cap

Does your check engine light keep coming on but the car seems fine? Then it might be a loose or damaged petrol cap. This allows the petrol in your tank to vaporise, reducing the time between filling up.

Your electronics

During a vehicle service your electronics are also checked. Electronic components such as Power Steering can have an effect on your car’s mileage.

All these small things in your car can add up to a big difference in your bank account! If you haven’t had a vehicle service in a while, there’s probably some automotive repairs that need taken care of. We can help keep you safe on the road, while at the same time saving you money in petrol.