Tyres are important for your car. If your tyres are not well maintained, you could be putting yourself and others in serious danger. Your team at Precision Mechanical want to make sure that you know when you need new tyres in Dunedin City.

Signs you need new tyres in Dunedin City

  1. Bulges or cracks in your tyres could mean damaged tyres. When a tyre begins to deflate you will notice that the sides of the tyre will begin to bulge out more than usual. If you are noticing budging then you could be looking at a tyre leak or crack.
  2. A low tyre pressure could mean trouble. If you notice that you constantly need to pump up your tyres then you could be looking at a problem. Your tyres should only need to be pumped up once a month. Remember, when pumping up your tyres make sure that you are pumping them up to the right pressure (or PSI) for your tyre. If you notice that you are pumping up your tyres in Dunedin City more often then we want to take a look.
  3. You should be checking your tyre tread wear often. If you notice that your tyre thread is wasting away quickly then it is time to bring your car in. When your tyre tread is getting worn quickly then you could be looking at wheel misalignment. If you do not deal with this quickly then you could be looking at a pair popped tyres.

Tyres are important so it is important to know the signs that they need attention. We hate inconvenience just as much as you so we want to make your life easier. Don’t risk being left on the side of the road.

Call us today on 03 477 1972 so that we can look at your tyres in Dunedin City.