Brakes are one of, if not the most important part of your car. You may not give so much importance to this component that lies under your foot. But it saves your life every time you step on it.

Here are top 5 common brake repair needs that occur in a car as handled by Precision Mechanical Ltd. You should not ignore if you see any of these signs.

1. If car tyres show signs of wear tear between the wheel spokes and the pad then it is an indication that the brakes are not working properly. Typically the distance between the spokes and the pad should be quarter inch and if it is more than that, you need to bring it into us for brake repair.

2. If you hear a screeching and a grinding noise in the car, it indicates damage in the brakes. The sound will be very loud and you will be able to hear it even with the windows up. This sign does not mean it is a serious damage or your brakes may need replacement. It is only a warning sign of wear and tear. That noise is actually put in there on purpose as a warning. However, it should be attended to immediately.

3. If you feel that the brakes are not responsive and you are required to completely push the pedal to the floor, you should visit the mechanic immediately for brake repair. This is a sign of brake failure.

4. When the car brakes are failing, the vehicle tends to pull to one side. This is also a warning signal that your vehicle requires immediate brake repair.

5. If you notice some vibrations while using the brakes and they were not present before, it means the brakes are misaligned and need brake repair to fix the problem.

Check for early warning signs of brake failure and take your car to a workshop for brake repair. This will keep you and others safe on the roads.