For every person who likes to leave all car repairs to the professionals, there are two who want to make them a DIY project. For fun, for the experience, or simply to save money and time, people often undertake automotive repairs at home and land in trouble when their actions cause damage to their car. They are also in for a shock when they find that such homemade repairs are not covered by insurance.

Car repairs that must be carried out by a professional mechanic!

  • Changing a clutch: this procedure requires the removal of the entire engine! Therefore, it is easy to see why it tops the list of the get-it-professionally-done car repairs list.
  • Fixing the air conditioner: You can’t fix your home AC, and you shouldn’t fix the car’s either. That’s because it involves working with high pressure, coolant, complex tubing and links to the car’s computer system. You really don’t want to mess with that!
  • Working with the airbags: So, you’ve accidentally activated the airbags…don’t try to ‘pack’ them in yourself as it involves working with the dashboard panel and an explosive charge. Leave this one on the car repairs list to the professionals.
  • Balancing tyres: Okay, first of all, it’s unlikely that you own the equipment required. Secondly, fitting the tyre on to the rim isn’t as easy as it looks. Car repairs involving tyre balancing are meant for professionals.
  • Repairing the automatic transmission: Seriously, do you even know what that means? This is high-precision car repairs that involves lots of technical skill and equipment that, if used wrongly, can cause extensive damage.

There are certain maintenance and repairs that are just best left to the professional, like us! For all your car repairs in Dunedin, call us today!